Thursday, January 4, 2018

2018- a New Year and new leaf for us

Seems like ages since we posted!  2017 was a year , an annis horribilis, if you will for both the two leggers and four leggers in the pack.

After Dad's mom died, he and WHN became quite ill with recurring infections- Dad battled e Coli while WHN battled various female issues.  On top of that, Tasha was diagnosed with a lump on her liver that needs an MRI (still) and Sweetie lost the use of her rear legs.  Snoopy now has what appears to be a cataract on his left eye, and Anna Rose is still her roly poly self and the light of her Daddy's life. 

In late October, Sweetie had what appeared to be a large lump on her right rear butt, and off to the vet we went!  Until today, that has been quite a roller coaster ride- the lump was removed, and a week later she tore out the stitches!  More surgery needed.  Then when those stitches were removed, it was discovered that the lump had come back and was larger than before.  More surgery again!  Now we had the fun of watching her heal- slowly and with constant leaking that the vet could not control.  We took her in to have her stitches removed and found that she had a gaping hole in its place.  Instead of stitching it up, we were sent home by the vet with a spray to use.  The following Monday the other vet in the practice called and had us come in- he removed some of the excess skin and stitched her up and we went home again

Today, her stitches finally came out!  On top of that, Sweetie is able to walk!  She looks like a drunken kangaroo, but she can get up and walk

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is the birthday of Mayor Emritus Frankie Furter Price and his sidekick Ernie the Attorney!!!

Please go to their blog and wish Lana a Hapoy Birthday!!!

Or visit her Facebook page to do the same

Friday, August 11, 2017

Pets On Quilts 2017- Pet Themed Quilt

Ah yes, the smell of competition is in the air!!!!! The entries are numerous and magnificent, the models even more so.  Yes it is the Pets on Quilts 2017 competition-  who will win in each of the four categories- Dog on Quilt, Cat on quilt, other pet on quilt, and finally Pet themed quilt.  Will there be lots of dog and cat treats trading hands?  What will the judges be doing behind closed doors?  Where are Padsworth and Dragon Drop hiding?  Welcome to Day 2 of this illustrious competition!

Snoopy here- Master of Ceremonies from an undisclosed location in Missouri.  The pressure is intense and WHN, for some reason has not cracked from it!  Could it be that Dad has been secretly upping her medication?  (oops, that was supposed to be our little secret- cat's out of the bag now!)

This entry from WHN is a little different than what she has entered before in this contest- While she still loves to make small quilts for table tops etc, her love for machine embroidery has really taken over the work room. 

This entry is a donation made in support of the Paws 2 people charity run by a very dear friend here in Blogville- Sue Sehi-Smith and her husband Steve, and closely supervised by the WDA- White Dog Army.  The winner bid on the auction offering, which was a placemat with a pet portrait on it.  WHN has usually done these using applique, but this year discovered a machine embroidery software that takes a very clear photo of your baby and converts it to an embroidery design.  This is NOT for the faint of heart- the designs are stitch heavy (averaging 150,000 stitches) and depending upon the machine used, take approximately four hours to embroider. 

To see how the process is accomplished,  WHN created an Instagram posting of ten photos for you to peruse.  It is not part of her entry but shows how this particular piece was constructed-

close up of the embroidery

quilted backing and hanging

finished front piece

This year has been a particularly challenging one for our pack, especially the past four months.  What has really turned our pack upside down and twisted back to front is that our Princess Regal Beagle, Sweetie, is an IVDD sufferer.  Now, with our pack consisting of three dachshunds from DRNA, and a beagle, one would suspect that IVDD would rear its ugly head eventually.  It did, but with our 36 lb Beagle!  We had gone out to a medical appointment and upon our return, Sweetie was still stuck outside unable to use her rear legs.  That was just over 6 weeks ago.   To raise money for a wheeled cart for Sweetie, WHN is now selling these portraits to raise the funds needed to purchase a cart and to fund the extras an IVDD dog needs.  Sweetie has adapted beautifully and lets us know when she wants out.  Her appetite is as usual and with the exception of the rear paralysis, Sweetie  is her sweet but demanding diva self again.  The adjustment was a long one, but I think that we have mastered the major obstacles so far.  She is still busy training us, and still enjoys time in the backyard.

Now, a quick peek at the very first embroidered pet portrait WHN has done!  These portraits go well on the back of jackets or as wall hangings, and can be wrapped around a canvas and ready to hang on your wall- their versatility is endless.